Upcoming Hipness and Homemaking: a Review and a Party!


I thought I was going to bring you a book review today. But let’s wait until Monday shall we? You’ll come back Monday won’t you? Monday, June 6th? You definitely won’t want to miss it because I’ll be reviewing Kate Payne’s new book The Hip Girl’s guide to Homemaking: Decorating, Dining, and the Gratifying Pleasures of Self-sufficiency on a Budget!

And there will be a book giveaway! So while you are going about your no-doubt busy life over the weekend also think about your best tips, your thoughts on what makes a home your home and your hippest homemaking ideas because I am going to want to know them.

hip girls guide to homemaking + kate payne + book review + grow and resistThe book! Hanging at Zoka with the book.

Her new book is amazing, I promise. Don’t believe me? It is in the top 15 bestsellers on Amazon in Home Entertaining!

The other super exciting information I have to share is that the Ladyfriend and I will be hosting a fab cocktail party for Kate when she is in Seattle on her book tour. You can check out her schedule here. For you Seattle-ites she’ll be signing books at Elliott Bay Book Company June 25th during the day and we will be celebrating with fancy cocktails and tasty nibbles that evening at our home. (Quick, someone clean the baseboards! Is that a spider web on the ceiling fan? Vacuum the dog! Panic! Hide the over-abundance of lovely-yet-hip clutter!) More details about the party, including sign up information, to come as soon as we decide how many people we can squeeze in our little home.

All this is to say, come back Monday to read the review, enter the contest and get details about the party! Happy weekend!


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