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From Kombucha to Homesteading: Top 5 Posts of 2010

It’s good to look back from time to time. Don’t you think? Check where you have been and ponder where you are going. Take stock. Re-evaluate. Plan. All good stuff. I’ve had a really fun time blogging and connecting with … Continue reading

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Kombucha: Revisted!

I’ve left you in the dark.  A while ago…2 months actually… I started to make kombucha.  I told you all about it and I promised an update in a week.  Which I followed up with silence and nary a mention … Continue reading

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Kombucha! Gotcha!

I recently got hooked on kombucha.    I tasted it last year and found it completely vile… but desperate times led me to a 2nd try.   I was on my way to work during the Real Food Challenge and hadn’t … Continue reading

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Real Food Challenge aka “Flour Frickin’ Everywhere”

I’m 8 days into the Real Food Challenge.   And what I have to say is this:   my kitchen is a frickin’ disaster.  I have cleaned up more flour, more cornmeal and more dried up messes than ever before in my … Continue reading

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