Supreme Citrus! Or, Let’s Segment Our Grapefruit Friends!


Supreme? Why do they call it that? Whatever, supreme- segment- it is all the same. Get thee citrus out of pesky membrane.

In case you weren’t fully aware of this yet, I am kind of wacky. If I get something stuck in my head – an idea, a belief, etc – it is difficult to let it go. In the kitchen this has translated into a few hard held beliefs. Beliefs I intellectually know are totally ridiculous, but stick with me.

I’ve overcome most of them. Melting chocolate was one of them. See? Ludicrous. Heating milk? That might as well have been the Berlin Wall. If a recipe asked me to heat milk, I promptly quit reading. This particular neurosis is even crazier because I would heat milk to make homemade mac & cheese… but that was somehow different. No, there isn’t a rational explanation for that, instead I’ll just tell you my mind is tricky place to navigate.

Enter segmenting citrus. Salad wanting sections of citrus? Nah, can’t do that. Too much trouble I’d say. Now, I make some difficult things from time to time. And I know that segmenting citrus is not actually difficult. This fact makes didn’t matter though because it was the story I had repeatedly told myself.

But last night I segmented four grapefruits in minutes. And only cut one bit of finger. Follow along!

grow & resist citrus grapefruit segment supremeWash that pretty (organic) grapefruit well! You’ll want to save the rind for some cool stuff later.

grow & resist citrus grapefruit segment supremeCut a slice off both ends (blossom end & opposite end) so it looks like this

grow & resist citrus grapefruit segment supremeNow you’ll want to cut from top to bottom following the curve of your fruit and remove the peel, pit & outer membrane. I found a santoku knife easiest for this. Some people say use a butcher knife for this step and a paring knife for the next bit, but I found using this one throughout was easiest.

grow & resist supreme segment citrus grapefruitClean up any bits of pith you didn’t get off with initial cuttings. Like that bit you see here. You’ll want that gone. See the thin white membranes? You’ll be making cuts as close to edges as you can. Slice to center on each side.

grow & resist supreme segment citrus grapefruitVoila! Citrus segment! Easy peasy!

I’ll be making a new salad later today with the pile of segments, so stay tuned!

And perhaps this year I’ll get past my fear of pie crust. The last standing kitchen confession.


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