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Our world needs a revolution. A drastic change. Something radical. The world is desperate. We oppress each other. We oppress the earth. They aren’t separate. I think that gardening can be a revolutionary and it is where I’m finding my place.

Our yard is fairly decent size for a Seattle city yard and when we bought the house it was nothing but grass in bad shape and weeds in great shape. Last year I made landscape designs for it as part of a class project and we went about our way to installing all the hardscaping. We had a new deck made and a brick patio (using recycled bricks from an old building in Ballard) made. With the help of friends we made brick lined gravel pathways, removed the majority of the grass and rototilled and amended all the growing beds. We made raised beds of recycled cinderblocks that we had friends & family mosaic. Interbay mulched the raised beds. We planned ahead for drip irrigation. Planted a few things. All this while being quite pregnant.

This summer we are ready. And we have been busy! With the help of my dad we installed the drip irrigation. We planted the area all around the patio & deck in all native plants and they are growing fabulously! We planted tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, beets, and corn in the raised beds. In the other beds we have kiwi, apple tree, blueberry, salmonberry, strawberry, chives, huckleberry, and rosemary. In the remainder of the unplanted beds we have planted cover crop of buckwheat. We plan on rotating cover crops in all the beds until we are ready to plant.
This is all we will plant this year due to timing. A 5 month old baby, training for an Ironman triathlon, and a partner writing a dissertation does not leave much time for much else.
But we are dreaming big! Over the next few years we hope to:
*Turn the remainder of our beds and another area of grass into intensive food growing space
*Get chickens
*Continue planting to increase bird activity
*Have a bat house
*Learn to can/preserve food
*possible compost for pet waste (looking into this)
*grow from seeds
*save seeds
*landscape our hillside with something low maintenence (a steep sunny slope that is all weeds)
*move toward a more sustainable life

So, that is where I’m jumping in!


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