Spicy Roasted Garlic-Preserved Lemon Pasta with Chickpeas


The flavor for Spice Rack February, chosen by my dear friend Briggs, was citrus.

I love citrus. It adds something awesome to just about anything and everything. I have talked a bit about it this month already (here and here.)  For the challenge, however, I went the way of pasta.

grow and resist spice rack challenge pastaEggs from my girls, the Annies!

If you get a brand new pasta maker and haven’t used one before and haven’t read the instructions allow me to give you some advice. Maybe, just maybe, the toddler-lunch-&-pre-nap time is probably not the best time to give it a whirl. Because somewhere between shoving pasta through the crank you will realize that you don’t know how to switch to the other roller. And there will be flour everywhere. Not enough, however, to keep the pasta from sticking to itself. There also might be a child purposely spilling their milk and demanding more salami and freaking out that the dog is near her. You’ll end up cutting it by hand in some very uneven strips and there will be flour on the floor, dog and child. Or maybe that is just what happened in our house.

grow and resist spice rack challenge citrus pastaLook at how yellow it is from the rich yolks of the backyard chickens!

I made what could be considered the ugliest pasta ever made. Tasty, for sure. But not a pretty sight. Didn’t matter though because this pasta rocked.

grow and resist spice rack challenge citrus pastaAvert your eyes from the ugly pasta

Spicy Roasted Garlic Lemon Pasta with Chickpeas

Is that the longest recipe name ever? I don’t know. All the elements seemed important. I can’t really attribute the recipe to anyone because it is a combination of things I like in pasta. Amounts are approximate – sorry, it how I seem to roll when it comes to cooking.

  • Fettucine. I made our own with a mix of regular & whole wheat flour. I think shells would be nice here too. Little pasta shells are nice with chickpeas.
  • Roasted garlic. I used 1 enormous head (from our garden last summer).
  • Preserved Lemons, quick (lightly) rinsed. I used about ½ a preserved lemon or maybe a tad more. I made these last month from lemons I brought home from California.
  • Sassy Lemon (a Fiery Red Pickle) I made this stuff but you could use a bit of Sriracha sauce. Add to your spice-love-level.
  • Chickpeas. A few handfuls. I have them cooked and in the fridge because I adore them. But feel free to use about 1 can rinsed really well.
  • Parsley. I chopped up the leaves of about 1 small bunch.
  • Grated Fresh Parmesan. I used about ½ cup or less.
  • Butter and oil. About 1 tablespoon of each.
  1. Chop lemons and mix with smashed roasted garlic, chickpeas and spicy stuff (if you are using it)
  2. Heat oil and butter in large pan. Add lemon mixture and heat thoroughly. Add spicy sauce if you are using it. Set aside until pasta is done.
  3. Meanwhile, cook pasta in well salted water. Drain (keep a bit of water to thin pasta if needed.
  4. Mix with lemon mixture, parsley and parmesan. Serve immediately.

grow and resist spice rack challenge chickpeas lemon pasta garlicMmmm I loved this!

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