Skipping & Galloping


Yes, we conquered Mt St Helens… on a beautiful day. It was a fun ride for me and I had a great time riding with my Ladyfriend. We just plain ride great together and it feels like the pre-baby days when we ride. The best part of the day however, was watching our friends kick ass on their first hilly (& longer) ride. I mean… the Ladyfriend and I have done these types of things before and I have a rather ‘selective memory’ when it comes to hills, so didn’t quite accurately portray the hills involved. Oops. However, they really did an amazing job and it was really an accomplishment. I think if that had been my first ride of both that length and incline I would have thrown myself into the ashy Toutle River and called it a day. So big congrats to them for showing their Ironman colors!:)

Yesterday the Ladyfriend and I ran 16 miles. It was a great run. Well, we felt good and strong and fast. We hit a wall and things got stiff as one might imagine the last few miles, but the overall feeling was “wow, we are doing great!”. We have devised our new way of long runs that really seem to be working. We walk at first, then run 40-ish minutes. Then after that we do 10 minute chunks and alternate who gets to decide how we break it up. We might do 2 min. walk/8 min. run or 4 min. walk/6 min. run… etc. This seems to be working great for us. We do however need to eat more during ride and practice our nutrition before running also.

We tried to skip at the end. I have visions of skipping across the finish line for some whacked out reason I am unable to explain. We tried. Good god it is hard. The ladyfriend suggested galloping. Which was easier. You see, running more than 12 miles is neither good for your body or your sanity. So, I have now suggested that we do no more bike-run bricks and instead will practice our skipping and galloping at the end of our runs.


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