Roosting & (hopefully not) a Rooster


The girls are fabulous! They are so funny. I could just watch them all day. I want need a “chicken cam”. I’m tell you – pure comedy.

I put in a roost and one of the Polish hops off & on throughout the day. The Ameraucana was the 1st up, but hasn’t really done it much since. I haven’t gotten a picture of any of them up there yet.


chickenssee the little comb coming in?

Polish Crested mid-cheepingPolish Crested mid-cheeping (I think a White Crested Black Polish)

The AmeraucanaThe Ameraucana. We decided today that we think “she” might be a rooster. “Her” eyes are super intense and “she” focuses on things differently. We’ll see. I totally love her.

The AmeraucanaTheir wings are amazing & the feathers are coming in so fast!


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