Real Food Challenge aka “Flour Frickin’ Everywhere”


I’m 8 days into the Real Food Challenge. And what I have to say is this: my kitchen is a frickin’ disaster. I have cleaned up more flour, more cornmeal and more dried up messes than ever before in my life. Unbelievable. Clearly I am not terribly neat in the kitchen. I’m tired of washing my Kitchenaid mixer bowls. Which, by the way, could there be a more ridiculous problem of capitalist class privilege!?! Geez.

Other than the flour-y muck that is my kitchen, things are going well. I’d give myself a solid B+.

Garden Kitchen Growandresist

Real Food Challenge Sins Confessed

  • I went to a Rat City Roller Derby bout and ate fries and chicken tenders. Definitely not on the challenge plan. But after my 2 local beers this queerlady was hungry and munchy. Those salty potatoes and faux-meat with corn syrup BBQ sauce were screaming for me!  I obliged.
  • I had jury duty today and didn’t really plan so I purchased a sandwich. To my credit however it was local bread, local meat & local lil mama peppers. Questionable origin cheese. Not bad, considering. As an aside, do you know about lil’ mama peppers? They are out of this world! On everything. Pizza: fantastic! Burgers: mouth-watering!
  • A cookie while getting coffee at Bird on a Wire. But, really… it was small. More importantly, it had a CROW on it! I love the crows! Don’t get all down on me gardenin’ folk – I know they can wreck havoc… these smart birds are hard-core. They are total badasses. You just gotta respect it. Since I’m trying to make my sins seem smaller, it was made by a local bakery. Ok, the cookie happened on 2 separate occasions. Cute crows covered in course/sanding sugar… I can’t say no. And apparently I can’t go back until April.


  • Kombucha. I was going to work. With nothing to eat. A quick stop at the store to search out something, anything, on the ‘plan.’ I found some local Beecher’s cheese and a local organic pink lady apple and went searching for something. I didn’t know what… I just wanted something different than usual. Then my eyes stumbled upon this lovely jar. It was local – bonus! More importantly, however, was the awesome bottle it came in. Gorgeous! After ogling it, I no longer cared if I liked it or not, I just wanted that bottle! My prior experience was with some lukewarm kombucha that was, quite frankly, nasty tasting.  And really, with all the awesome tastes in the world, why would I attempt to acquire a taste for something? Well, I became a bit intrigued by my friend Briggs’ post on kombucha making. So, here I am, a kombucha-convert. Bonus weirdness: the babylady loves it too.  Though, she is a 2-year-old that begs for kale, mint, chives, parsley, rosemary and peas… so you can’t entirely trust her to have an ordinary 2-year-old palate.
  • I should plan ahead. If I will be gone all day out-of-town I should really bring something to eat unless I know I’ll have access to something. Seems obvious but notion of convenience is deeply ingrained.


  • I am feeling good physically. I do think the lack of food additives and crap leads to feeling better internally. I feel oddly good after drinking kombucha too. Weird, but true.
  • I love making bread. I’m plowing my way through Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day and love it. Favorites so far are the Olive Oil Dough and Deli Rye. Mmm. Seriously, can anything make you feel more “becky-home-ecy” than baking bread?! I think not.
  • Planting seeds & gardening plans are in full force!

Coming Up

  • Made large meat order with Thundering Hooves. We are just finishing up an order placed a year ago and the meat has been phenomenal.
  • Tomorrow will bring another go around with cracker making.
  • Thursday I am making pasta and cheese.

Here’s to real food!


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