Pickled Oranges & a Cake


An embarrassing length of time ago a lovely blogger (Cafe Libby) whipped up some great Pickled Oranges. Yep! Pickled Oranges!! Who knew you could even do that? Certainly not I!  Well, I was so intrigued I entered to win a can and I won!

orangesPretty pickled, syrup-y, orange-y goodness!

She sent me, not only the Pickled Oranges with Fennel, but a jar of Pickled Oranges with Cinnamon & Cloves and Pickled Cherries! BONUS! Oh, but that is not all friends! She also sent me the recipe and ingredients (!) to make the intriguing Orange Cake she wrote about. Seriously! The ingredients! All measured out and labeled! Totally sweet and awesome!

And I still hadn’t made that cake! I finally did a few nights ago and wow! It is really good! I have never had a flour-less cake that wasn’t chocolate. It was moist, citrus-y and refreshing. I have since made my own pickled lemons and am thinking about trying this recipe using them at some point. Yum.

orangecake5Final cake! The picture is from her site as her pics came out better than mine!

Thanks Libby! This was wonderful!


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