Park Spotlight: Jack Block Park, Seattle


Summer is coming so I think it might be time for another Park Spotlight. Was it this lovely over the weekend in Seattle? No, no it most certainly was not. I mean, seriously… it is only the end of may. My tomatoes aren’t even in the ground despite their begging & pleading. (Yes, my tomatoes beg. And by beg, I mean they are  ridiculously tall for their 4″ pots and are flopping over in clear desperate need of transplanting.)

Where was I? Oh yes, parks. The Babylady and Ladyfriend hit a great park the other day when the stars all aligned giving me sunshine, warmth and a Ladyfriend taking a dissertation break. Bonus!

Jack Block Park is a Port of Seattle  park and is chock full of goodies! It has that cool mix of views/water/industrial spaces. Like you might find at Gasworks Park . Think “Singles“.  Or “10 Things I Hate About You” for you young kids. Minus all the people.

Who was Jack Block you ask? He was a longshoreman of course (and later Port commissioner)! Venture in and take in the views of the artificial Harbor Island & shipyards and it is clear the connection of the park to the port.

It is fairly hidden off of Harbor Ave on the way to Alki Beach. A somewhat obscure entrance brings dumps you on a road you sense you aren’t allowed on. But keep moving, you are and it’s worth it. The park is about 15 acres and landscaped with interesting bridges and pathways. There are reclaimed piers to walk on, stairs to climb (also is wheelchair accessible), and a sandy area for kids play.

jack block park, seattle, wa, waterfrontI’m heading to the cranes!

We didn’t hit the sand this time because it is also a great place to let your kid run (and run and run). The Babylady loved running down the pier (oddly, pretending to be a goat of all things. hmm.) and pointing out small fish in the water. She loved climbing up the stairs, running around corners and looking at plants. There are also some cool gourd birdhouses and a host of birds – gulls, herons, etc.

jack block park, seattle, wa, waterfront, pierlong way to run… there is another viewing platform with benches way down there

jack block park, seattle, wa, waterfront, birdhousesnice bird digs! love the gourds!

jack block park, seattle, wa, waterfront, birdhousesmore cool gourd birdhouses

jack block park, seattle, wa, waterfrontfrom the lower platform at the end of the pier

The final observation deck is really great! There are benches and VIEWS. Views of downtown and the Cascade mountains. Ferries. Note: despite over-usage in Grey’s Anatomy these are not “ferry boats”. Just “ferries” will do please. Barges. Tugboats. All the loading cranes, trains, etc. Really great signs informing you about the shipping process and equipment. It really is pretty fascinating and you get a somewhat birds eye view of it all.

jack block park, seattle, wa, waterfrontBeautiful Seattle!

jack block park, seattle, wa, waterfront, cranesgreat views

jack block park, seattle, wa, waterfront signswanna know what is happening? read all about it!

This is a great park for views, exploring, birding, picnicking and letting your kid be a kid and give you something awesome to do at the same time!

jack block park, seattle, wa, waterfrontthe views are seriously awesome!

Want some really cool pics? Check out here for some awesome panoramic views.

Pack a picnic, take a camera and bring yourself, your kid and/or your out town visitor and get thrilled!


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