2011 is Not Starting Out So Great

carrot relish grow and resist
Do you make resolutions? Goals? Lists of dreams? I sort of do. Not really resolutions per se, but more like a greater consciousness of things I’d like to focus on. On my list: Get my father’s health sorted out. Ok, I realize I don’t have any real control over his health. But it is something I’m going to do whatever I...

Doctoral Drinks: Cucumber Mint Gimlet

cucumber mint gimlet gin summer cocktail tanqueray
Yesterday I told you about dessert. Doctoral Desserts to be exact. That was yummy. Do you know what else was yummy? Doctoral Drinks! Who needs a special celebratory drink more than someone getting their PhD? Not many. Other than perhaps their partner (just saying…). My Ladyfriend chose the special drink for the evening and did it ever scream summer! Summer!...

First Edible of 2010 is… a Radish!

1st edible of 2010 There she is folks! First seed-to-mouth plant of 2010. The lovely, spicy radish. Mmmm… sliced thin on fresh homemade bread, butter and a bit of salt. Delicious!

April Mid Month Meanderings

Lavender Redbud
This post was cross-posted over on the Urban Farm Hub. Definitely stop by the site and look around. It is chock full of interesting, useful & inspiring information! I love orange tulips! April in the Pacific Northwest! The daffodils are gone. The tulips are blooming. The trees have all budded. The aspens have opened up. The damp air is starting to warm...

In Seattle? Need Spring Plant Starts?

few packets
Seattle area peeps! Mark your calendar! This coming Saturday, March 20th (the 1st day of spring! woot!) is the day to pick up early spring starts if you haven’t gotten around to cultivating your own. Check out the website of Seattle Tilth for full information, including what plants will be available. All varieties are proven winners for the PNW climate. Don’t...

Intentional Epic (real) Food Fail

cucumber mint gimlet gin summer cocktail
Dear Real Food Challenge! Forgive me I have sinned. It was the birthday celebration of ohbriggsy (stop by and send birthday wishes and read some really fun posts) & Double S. I shamelessly ate a what-should-have-been-embarrasing amount of onion dip, fritos and potato chips last night. No, the onion dip wasn’t “fancy” bougie variety. It wasn’t local sour cream with carmelized local onions. We are talking the good stuff… straight...

Food Inc trailer

I forgot to include this trailer to my Real Food Challenge post. Watch it. It is a must. Really. It’s only 2 minutes. Just do it. https://youtu.be/UXSxJF43XGA

Real Food Challenge

Grow and Resist Food Cooking
So, I’m doing this Real Food Challenge thing. Call me wacky. Or fringe-y. But I’m doing it anyway. Starting March 1st, a group of  people will be committing to a month-long challenge of eating less (or no) processed/packaged food, as well as many other related goals. I’ll be highlighting what I am doing as well as tidbits, recipes, ideas and information...

Starting Out

chive blossom
Posted on June 2, 2008 Our world needs a revolution. A drastic change. Something radical. The world is desperate. We oppress each other. We oppress the earth. They aren’t separate. I think that gardening can be a revolutionary and it is where I’m finding my place. Our yard is fairly decent size for a Seattle city yard and when we bought...

Guest Post: A Mountain, a Bird, and Misogynist Discourse

Blog notes on Laptop
Guest post by the wonderful Jennifer (FYI: Sassy Femme or SF and TT were our 2 friends that did Ironman Wisconsin with us in ’08) A Mountain As Sassy-Femme noted, we rode up Mt. St. Helen’s to get our climbing legs on. For me, the ride was great for many reasons: 1) SF and TT (their longest and steepest ride ever) showed incredible...