Need a Late Gift or Happy Holidays to Yourself


Shopping late? Or maybe you have some brand spanking new gift cards burning a hole in your pocket. I read books this year. Really, I did. I just can’t remember them. Maybe I didn’t finish them. 2011 was a lot of things but focused it was not. More the Year of All that is Distracting.

Garden Kitchen Growandresist

Books You Must Have:

  • The Urban Farm Handbook by Annette Cottrell and Joshua McNichols. I described it in my review as “densely awesome.  Somehow they have managed to iron out the nuts and bolts of an incredible number of topics in a highly readable and empowering manner.” Get it here.
  • The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking by Kate Payne. I said in my review, and I’ll say it again, her “voice, her humor, her sassiness, her down-to-earth (yet flashy) style shines through on every page, making the book not only useful, but a delightful (dare I say charming?) read.” Get it here.
  • The Non-Toxic Avenger by Deanna Duke. I haven’t reviewed the book here, but I linked to others that have done a great job. And, I gotta say, wow, just wow. I have been waiting for the book to come out since Deanna first mentioned writing it. She spoke in Seattle recently where I purchased the book and proceeded to stay up all night reading most of it. Chock full of useful information about the toxins that are lurking in your life, harming you and your loved ones, that you might not even be aware of. Don’t put your head in the sand… read up, educate, and resist! Get it here.

Bonus for Fun Reading:

  • Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton. I am almost done reading this now and I gotta say, I love her writing. The stage is set in the world of food, restaurants, and chefs but is ultimately about finding meaning. Fantastic writing! Get it here.


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