May Mid Month Meanderings


Seattle has enjoyed some fantastic weather lately. Sun. 60’s. Things are popping up in the garden and making themselves known. Do you want to see? Come along and meander with me.

chive blossom

chive blossom

tomatoes, peppers & basil hardening off

tomatoes & peppers hardening off a bit

mintit’s about time for minty muddled cocktails!


sugar snap peassugar snap peas

The potatoes in their “tater towers” are busting out and need another board added and more soil added.
tater towerCool tater towers.

potato plantlooking good huh?

I have started picking lettuce and spinach for simple salads. Mixed greens, a bit of olive oil, some honey balsamic vinegar and a good sprinkle of sea salt and pepper. Simple. Perfect.
mixed lettuceLettuce is so pretty!


And the radishes! Oh the radishes! Spring = sliced fresh picked radishes on buttered homemade bread. And salt. A bit of dill havarti if you are feeling it. Which I have been. Mmm!

The asparagus is almost as tall as I am and the Babylady is now prone to announcing “Mommy watch! I hug the asparagus! Watch!” Yep, she is a cute one that lil’ Babylady!
tall asparagusSuper tall asparagus!

The garlic is looking big & strong. I hope I planted enough as my last year’s harvest didn’t last me.

We have little developing strawberries, cherries, blueberries, asian pears and apples. The walla walla & red onions are getting bigger. The various starts I planted seem settled in their new homes.
walla walla sweet onionswalla walla sweet onions

baby strawberriesbaby strawberries & blossoms

baby applesbaby apples

baby cherrieslittle cherries

baby blueberriesbaby blueberries

I should admit they are all doing well except the cucumbers. Apparently I can’t grow cucumbers. Or dill. Both die. What gives? Not to worry, I am trying again. It just remains a frustrating mystery. This time I did a direct sow.

Do you know what else is frustrating? The Babylady repeatedly yanking out our cilantro and parsley starts. Argh. “I picked a weed mommy!” So far I’ve remained calm about it. I explain again that they aren’t weeds. (Groundhog Day anyone?) Then gently press back in the ground and hope for the best.

The big picture is the Babylady is learning where food comes from and that digging in the dirt is fun. She’ll outgrow the “weed picking” as quickly as toddlers do and she’ll be on to the next thing. I guess another bright spot is that the parsley/”weed” picking has temporarily banished her need to gather up all our plant markers and either toss them around or misplace them.

Moving on!

New bamboo shoots are forcing their way out. And I mean forcing! Have you ever seen bamboo grow? One day nothing. The next, a 2″ shoot… and from there on is exponential growth. Almost scary! I’m pretty happy because our thicker diameter bamboo is shooting up and not only is this bamboo awesome looking, it will make nice supports for various garden things.
bamboo new growthbamboo new growth

bamboo new growththe growth just 4 days earlier! seriously!

The berries (2 kinds of raspberry & 1 marionberry) found a place in the ground and my dad and I put up some supports. They are a bit lop-sided, but I don’t think the berries will mind a bit. They won’t do much this year, but I was glad to get them in the ground.
lopsided berry supportsargh, there is that damn hill again. The berries will help!

I am starting to think about our drip irrigation. Do you have drip irrigation? It seriously rocks. I can’t imagine not having it. (thanks dad!) The only difficult part about it is that in edible gardening vs. ornamental gardening is that your plants change locations. The frequent change of place/plant type and subsequent soil differences/water requirements does require you to “re-think” your strategies throughout the season. It is an extra measure of planning, but one well worth it in my opinion.

And the chicken coop is now on the property. The Ladyfriend and I are still pondering the best location and type of run flooring, but it is gorgeous! I think the chicks will be living pretty well in their new digs. They can go out in 2 weeks or as soon as they have all their feathers. We are also going to build a larger “aviary” to enclose it so they have more space to run around when it is nice. We are thinking of something like this. (Our coop is quite different from that, but maybe you get the idea.) Ours is like this:
bettercoopsandgardens coopOur new coop & attached run

I planted more seeds over the weekend, including cucumbers, summer & winter squash, a type of melon, quinoa, corn, many types of bush/pole beans and also succession plantings of radish, beets, lettuce, spinach and carrots.

How’s your gardening growing?

Extra scenes:

img_8979 img_8970 img_8964 img_8890 img_8886 img_8884 img_8879 img_8869 img_8868 img_8853


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