The Lapsed Triathlete is Getting Ready to Move It


From time to time I write about exercise, training and the Ironman. Despite my desires, I am currently a lapsed athlete. However… there is a light at the end of that tunnel.

(The light at the end of the tunnel is that the dissertation will be DONE this week!)

I’m a veteran of 2 Ironman triathlons, 2 half-ironman triathlons, 3 other full marathons, many half-marathons and countless sprint triathlons. I move. It is what I do.

You know. Until now. The now that stretches back to the completion of the last Ironman in Sept. 08. What happened? Burnout from training for that with a newborn started it off. Life with a job that sucks my soul, an enthusiastic and busy toddler, a big productive garden, a commitment to making as much of our food from scratch that I can, 7 silly chickens and a wonderful, but extremely stressed out, partner getting her PhD and writing a dissertation.

But mostly, I didn’t let myself make it a priority. Sure, there have been some meager attempts at getting it back. But so far, nothing has stuck.

Today I read a post by Nici at dig this chick writing about spectating and getting inspired at Ironman Coeur d’Alene. The post is beautifully written (as all her posts are) and it brought a flood of memories to my consciousness.

Running. Swimming. Cycling. Moving. It is what I do. Or did.

It is time to lace up my shoes, pull out my helmet and find my goggles. And do it again.

I’m calling for a comeback.

ragbrai7cycling the hills of Iowa


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