June Mid-Month Meanderings III


Sure, it is the 25th. Not exactly mid-month. Not even close. Perhaps I had too many cocktails on my brain last week. No worries. We can still squeeze a quick look at what is happening. I should tell you now that next month should be a doozy… we’ll be on the Seattle Tilth Chicken Coop/Urban Farm Tour! I can’t wait!

I harvested the last of our rhubarb. It never fails to stun me how enormous they are… I mean, look at the size of that leaf! Amazing!

june 2012 grow and resist mid month meanderingsThe plums are coming! It is a fairly new tree, so there still aren’t many of them. They exist though, so I’m pleased. I found my own secret trees close by for the serious picking anyway.

june 2012 grow and resist mid month meanderings

Snap peas, beets, and spinach. This is the most amazing beet crop I’ve grown. I am going to harvest some tomorrow and can’t wait. Pickled beets. Mmmm.

The Babylady systematically removed and ate every pea pod of every kind (snap, snow, shelling) of pea, regardless of size. Even the itty bitty ½ inch long baby peas. Gone. All gone. If I let the dog in the garden she grazes on pea shoots. Basically, I can’t win with peas. Sure, there are certainly worse problems than your kid eating all the vegetables out the garden (see: radishes). And, I’d like a snap pea. Just one would be nice. Thanks.

june 2012 grow and resist mid month meanderings

Some kind of summer squash coming up and strawberries. I mixed winter squash, summer squash, and melon seeds in a bowl and then planted them all over the garden. I have no idea what or where. Sure, I could be more organized about it. I probably will at some point. But right now I think it is fun to jumble it together and be surprised. Garden mysteries are a hoot.

And, oooh, ripe strawberries! Incidentally, this is our worst season ever for the strawberries. They are good, but sparse. I think someone (ahem) got a bit carried away with the pruning and thinning.

june 2012 grow and resist mid month meanderingsGarlic scapes are funky. I recently harvested a bunch and left a bunch just to compare the bulbs. I’ll admit that I like looking at them more than eating them. They are good in pesto, but pesto isn’t something in high rotation in our family. I still have hoards of it from last year. The scapes are tasty sautéed. But mostly? I like the way the curly ques look in the garden. (I am pretty sure I just got my Foodie Card revoked with that admission.)

june 2012 grow and resist mid month meanderingsThings are busting out! I cut back spent pollinator plants to make room for new plants and some fall/winter gardening (I know! I know! How is this possible? Hard to even fathom!)

june 2012 grow and resist mid month meanderingsThe columnar apples… oh my!

june 2012 grow and resist mid month meanderings

Ornamental alliums are in bloom. So pretty and the bees love them. Bzzz!

june 2012 grow and resist mid month meanderings

How is your garden growing? Have you thought of your fall and winter gardens?

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