Intentional Epic (real) Food Fail


Dear Real Food Challenge!

Forgive me I have sinned. It was the birthday celebration of ohbriggsy (stop by and send birthday wishes and read some really fun posts) & Double S. I shamelessly ate a what-should-have-been-embarrasing amount of onion dip, fritos and potato chips last night. No, the onion dip wasn’t “fancy” bougie variety. It wasn’t local sour cream with carmelized local onions. We are talking the good stuff… straight up, hard-core, old school, chock full of additives Lipton’s. AWESOME! Really, it is the only way in my opinion.

It was conscious. It was intentional. Hell, it was just plain salt-a-licsious.

Happy Birthday Friends!


PS – The beer was local. I’m sure that counts.


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