I heart swimming


Or the day I returned to rockin’ the workouts!

Epic freakin’ swim today! I was to swim 75 minutes and was hopeful to swim the race distance (2.4 miles) in that time. I felt great! Long, smooth, TI’ing it out, (Total Immersion swimming for you non-triathletes), clean, strong swimming. I did the race distance in just under 1 hour 13 minutes. And, it felt amazing! I felt good the whole time, kept the pace consistant from beginning to end.

Another fabulous thing about the water… i don’t feel fat in the pool. Getting in my suit and walking to the pool, yes. Getting out of pool, showered and changed, yes. But while swimming… I’m as thin as can be. Kinda makes ya’ never stop:)

I was also supposed to run 5 miles, which I didn’t have time for… I only had 20 minutes. But, made the most of it and had a super speedy 20 minute run in which i ran 2.5 miles. So, shorter than it should have been but awesome speed. 8 min/mile pace.

So, yippee! I’m a happy triathlete-lady!


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