Getting Planted


A bit of a gardening update. I have tended to get bogged down in the details and wanting to do it perfectly that I end up a bit “stuck.” So now I am just going for it… doing it and learning from my mistakes.

Seeds went in the ground! I think I’m getting them in a tad late… but it has been so freaky cold that I think it should be ok.

Bolero Hybrid (territorial seed)
Kurota Chantenay (seeds of change)
Oxheart- heirloom (seeds of change)
Amethyst Hybrid (territorial seed)
Easter Egg Blend (territorial seed)
Red Beard (territoral seed)
Green Feast (renee’s garden)
Red Robin (renee’s garden)
Magenta Sunset (territorial seed)
Tyee Hybrid (territorial seed)
Speckles- butterhead (territorial seed)
Valmaine- romaine (territorial seed)

I also planted a few onions – Red Wethersfield that I hadn’t planted.

Already in the ground & growing:

Fruit Trees:
Honeycrisp Apple
Scarlet Sentinal Columnar Apple
4-way Dwarf Combo-Apple (Lodi, Gala, Jonagold, Summerred, & Akane)
4-way Dwarf Combo-Asian Pear (Kikisui, Hosui, Shinko, & 20th Century)
4-way Cherry Combo- (Sweetheart, Rainier, Bing, Lapine, & Angela)

Duke blueberry
Chippewa blueberry
strawberries (? i think hood, quinault, & tristar?)

asparagus (Jersey Knight & Sweet Purple)
garlic (German Porcelain, Chesnok Red, & Romanian Red)

I got my seed planting supplies ready & set out for indoor starting which I plan to do in the next week. Also a bit late, but it should be fine. I haven’t started by seeds before so this is an all new adventure.

In the next few weeks we are also going to build our ‘tater tower'(which might end up being more of a ‘complex’) for the 4 kinds of potatoes we are going to plant ( All Blue, German Butterball, Yukon Gold, & Red Gold)


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