Duck Prosciutto, Astronauts and Grief


So, my Charcutepalooza duck prosciutto is seemingly not done. I checked in with the twittering meat-curing folks and based on their advice I think I’ll check it tomorrow.

In other news, I have come to the realization that, not only do I completely suck at asking for help and am chock full of angst, but I also don’t know how to grieve. Could it be that I’m 40 and have not actually let myself ever truly grieve? Oh, yes friends, it seems it is true. And, apparently, I’m afraid if I start to grieve I’ll then realize I want to be an astronaut* or some crazy ass thing and have to grieve the loss of that.

I’ll tell you… my mind is a tricky lil’ minefield. It would actually be impressive if it weren’t so, you know, real. Rest assured, 2011 is starting off determined to knock the wind out of me and kick my ass.

(*Ed. note: I really don’t want to be an astronaut. Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

So anyhow, until the damn duck breasts are done prosciutto-ing themselves, I’ll leave you with some gratuitous chicken pictures.

grow and resist chickensI think our chickens are scheduling a break in. Knock, knock? Anyone home?

grow and resist chickensThe Annies & Thirsty Boots getting their dirt bathing hole just right.

grow and resist chickensThe Annies & Thirsty Boots snuggled up in a sunny dirt hole they made.


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