Cook the Books! Good Fish!


I cooked fish! And, I liked it! Dare I say, loved it?

grow and resist cook the books Good Fish with Becky Selengut

March Cook the Books!
Good Fish

Yes, it is true!

Halibut tacos with tequila-lime marinade and red cabbage slaw

Now, granted, I chose halibut for my first adventure in fish. Halibut is a great fish for folks like me – it isn’t terribly fish-y or ocean-y and has a nice texture. Even more perfect, I went the route of tacos, which I could eat every day.

No, I shouldn’t have been scared, yet I was. I had to skin a fish! I needed to cook a fish and somehow manage to not overcook the fish. Eeeps! Becky’s video talked me through the skinning step by step and I did a damn fine job-I even got all the meat off in one piece!

The marinade was tequila, lime juice and zest, onions, and jalapeños. It was perfect for fish tacos – not overpowering, but delicious. The cabbage-apple slaw was really great as well!

Full disclosure: in a last-minute-I’m-scared-I-can’t-do-this move, I marinaded some pork. Just in case. In case I didn’t like it. In case our guests didn’t like it. In case… I don’t know? In case the halibut came back to life to haunt me? Who knows, but a back up seemed pertinent at the time. (I know, I know – I am ridiculous.)

grow and resist cook the books march good fish with beck selengut

So much needless worry – they were fantastic! The group of 1 fish-lover and 3 fish-skeptics devoured all the fish and left the pork. Yes, let me say that again – the group of 4 committed pork lovers left the pork and ate the fish instead. Go on. Let that scene sink it for a minute. Because it is kind of an intense statement! And, the Ladyfriend’s cousin actually said “I am loving the onions and peppers!” A sentiment her husband made her repeat, because she doesn’t even actually like them.

First foray into fish was super successful! They marinate and cook quickly – making them a perfect quick night meal. The directions were clear – I didn’t even overcook the fish! If you are feeling afraid of cooking (and/or liking) fish – this recipe is sure to please! So tasty!

Next up: crab

Newspaper (dungeness) crab with three sauces

grow and resist cook the books march good fish with beck selengut

We don’t get the newspaper, so art paper did the trick – complete with kid writings and drawings. The “3” could use some work =)

This was more an experiment in eating and enjoying, rather than cooking, since the crab was already cooked and cleaned (bonus!) Though, if you need to cook and clean your crab, Becky has a video on that as well. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to make Sunday evening. We slept in a little later than usual that morning (damn time change). I finished planting our new strawberry plants during late morning and mid day, so we got a late start. (As an aside, did you know that strawberry plants are only good for 3-5 years before they max out. If you are in Seattle, now is a perfect time to get new plants in the ground!) When I was done, we decided to head downtown ride the Great Wheel and go to the market to get some fish. We chose Dungeness crab because the Ladyfriend likes it and I knew it would be quick and easy. I picked up some beer (per Becky’s suggestion) and called a friend to come join us, and dinner was on.

The three sauces were soy-caramel, avocado herb, and lemon panko sauce. All three sauces were really tasty, though I think the soy-caramel was our surprise favorite. The avocado herb sauce I’m keeping in mind for a summer BLT spread – the avocado and cilantro would be perfect! I also liked just the straight up butter, though some hot sauce in the butter would be really good too!

So, what did I think of crab? Crab is fine. I ate some and, while it was ok, I didn’t love it. I don’t see myself making a habit of crab-eating, however, it was a really fun meal to sit around with people and hang out while cracking into the legs and making a mess eating. And, I love making food that people like to eat… and they loved it.

grow and resist cook the books march good fish with becky selengut

So far, March Cook the Books is going great! I am definitely stretching my cooking and eating range this month, which was a big goal of Cook the Books! I love to cook for other people and I live in an area of fantastic seafood, so I have been excited about learning to cook fish… even if I am still a nervous nellie about it!

Briggs and I will be out of town at different times this month, so there will be no official Cook the Books! March Party, but even without the party, we’ll be cooking and blogging along. I’ll be cooking it up this weekend for the Ladyfriend’s parents before we leave! Not sure what I am making yet – but I’m aiming for 2 things.

Have you made anything yet? Hope so! You have time and loads of options!


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