Coming Soon to a Cookbook Near You


You may not know this, but Briggs is a close friend of mine in Seattle. Yes, it is true! Briggs and I (and our respective partners) get to hang out and talk about food, blogs, and missed career opportunities – all while drinking beer and obsessing about our gardens. Someone usually pulls out jars and plates of random pickled things to eat. Sometimes a late night cake gets randomly baked. There is almost always cheese involved. It is awesome!

Recently, we all went to the closest beach to watch the Christmas Ship parade come by and serenade us with cheesy Christmas music. After going out for a rather unfortunate dinner, we returned to our house for drinks and general revelry. Over Rye & Ginger(s) (Templeton and Rachel’s Ginger Beer), Briggs and I ended up talking blog. Or at least I was on the rye… Briggs may have been responsibly sipping a beer. Or something. Anyhow, we lamented that fact that our blogs have been quiet lately. Mine has been on slow, slow cruise control this year. Briggs has been in a longer hibernation, but recently popped out for their annual series “12 Days of Xmas”.

That isn't Briggs. That is the (no-longer-a) BabyladyThat isn’t Briggs. That is the (no-longer-a) Babylady

Ever since we participated in Tigress’ Can Jam we have talked of doing a challenge of sorts. We both liked the idea of doing something regularly to keep us engaged. Because honestly… even if I am really into something, I don’t always stay as committed as I would like. It is just true. I am a fickle beast.

Now What?

Starting in January, Briggs and I are teaming up to bring you a cookbook challenge. We are still working out the details… so stay tuned till next week when we unveil the name, the details, and the first chosen cookbook! Tell your friends! Participation will be as noncommittal and involved as you want.

It is basic. Briggs and I like each other. And we like you. We like cookbooks, food, laughing, and hanging out. We want to share it all with each other and with you… and we hope you might just want to play along. There will be food. There will be real, tangible cookbooks. The kind you flip through. Not the tomes you surreptitiously print on the sly at work. I hope there will be some laughs because I totally need them.

There will probably with some gratuitous anecdotal kid commentary on my part. Or talk about how I simplified something or did something at the very last possible minute. Briggs will likely dazzle you with their music and pop culture knowledge, as well as their vigor in taking on complicated projects that I am too tired to even read the instructions for. We’ll cook together. We’ll cook apart. And you, yes YOU, can cook along.


Stay tuned next week for all the details! And be sure to stop over and see Briggs. If you don’t already have us in your reader or by email, you’ll want to get on that so you don’t miss the fun!


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