Chicks in the Sun


Sunday in Seattle was a day that begged to be enjoyed outside. Warm sun and blue skies. After soggy, depressing and gray winters, this is Seattle’s prize. To see all the green lushness and the snow-capped mountains that surround us.

I woke up desperate to get outside. To feel that warmth. To breathe the fresh air. To dig in the soft soil. To pluck up some weeds. To survey my ‘edible domain.’

It was no different for the little chicks. They too got to have a little outside play time. Their stint was under the protection of a bit of wire mesh. They are still small enough to fly and find their way into small places. And we have crows. Lots of big hungry crows. That, no doubt, would love to pluck up a cute chick as a tasty treat.

chickens at outside play timeThis is one of the white crested black polish chickens and the head of 1 of the buff orpingtons on the left and the tail/butt of the other on the right.

They are getting so big aren’t they?  I love the heads of the polish chickens!  Too funny!

white crested black polish & buff orpington1 of the white crested black polish and 1 of the buff orpingtons. Plus a tail of the other of each.

The black polish chicks are always looking for a way out of wherever they are. They are a bit more skittish than the others.

ameraucana and golden polish chicksThe ameraucana and the golden polish chicks

Aren’t they gorgeous? I still think the ameraucana looks hawk-like and I just love the golden polish chicks feathers/markings.

buff orpington outside1 of the buff orpingtons pecking

Once they figured it out they were scratching the ground, nibbling on clover and eating the worms I tossed them.

I just found out their coop is completed so I’ll be picking it up this week. It is a good size coop with an attached run. We are going to place that on top of a concrete slab and then later build a larger enclosure around the coop/run. Kind of like an aviary. Built to keep pesky raccoons, possums and cats out.

Anyhow, what do you think? Cute aren’t they? I just love them. Which one do you like best?


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