Check Out the Girls: Version 3.5 Weeks


I’m in a bit of a posting lull. 2011 is continuing to kick my ass. But I don’t want to leave you hanging. I’m doing the best I can.

I will however show you the girls. Remember just 10 days ago? Ah, they were so little! Go on, check it out and then see how much they’ve changed. I posted them in the same order so it’ll be easy.

I forgot how much these little ones can eat! And drink and poop for that matter. I conveniently had forgotten the dust. They create an incredible amount of dust for such small creatures.

They are all about 3.5 weeks old except the big Black Australorp. You might remember I got 1 more a few days after the first batch came in and she was a few weeks older. So the big girl is about 5.5 weeks old.

grow and resist speckled sussex 3.5 weeks old chickenThe Speckled Sussex. Looks a bit like a masked bandit no?

grow and resist rhode island red 3.5 weeks old chickenThe Rhode Island Red. For some reason the Babylady has taken to calling her ‘Pickles.’ That will not be her name but I’m guessing it’ll stick around in one way or another.

grow and resist golden polish 3.5 weeks old chickenThe Golden Polish. Lady Guitar. She will have the most awesome hair. She is 80’s hair band.

grow and resist silver laced wyandotte 3.5 weeks old chickenSilver Laced Wyandotte. I think she’s looking pretty rough. But she’ll be a beautiful grown up chicken!

grow and resist barred rock 3.5 weeks old chickenThe larger Barred Rock. I’m pretty sure but I’m still confused about the size difference between her and the next chick.

grow and resist barred rock 3.5 weeks old chickenSee? She is so itty bitty! I’m pretty sure she is a Barred Rock though.

grow and resist black australorp 3.5 weeks old chickenI’m pretty sure she is our (younger) Black Australorp. But when she poses she looks like a penguin and a goose mated.

grow and resist black australorp 5.5 weeks old chickenThe older Black Australorp. Huge isn’t she?

The poor thing. It was sunny this weekend in Seattle so I let her walk a bit in the grass and then carried her to meet the old girls. One of the docile Annies (Buff Orpington) gave her a look of sheer evil, ran over and started pecking at her while I was still holding her. Hmm. I think Operation Chicken Integration could be rough.

Anyhow, if you think I’ve identified any of the chickens incorrectly let me know! If you want to know what they’ll look like full grown I’ve linked to them in the earlier chicken post. Check here!


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