Starting Out

chive blossom
Posted on June 2, 2008 Our world needs a revolution. A drastic change. Something radical. The world is desperate. We oppress each other. We oppress the earth. They aren’t separate. I think that gardening can be a revolutionary and it is where I’m finding my place. Our yard is fairly decent size for a Seattle city yard and when we bought...

Seeds, Berries and Chickens!

decoupage seed storage box
The weather in Seattle is dismal. At best. I’ve got our seeds planted inside and outside anyhow, mostly adhering to my geeked out spreadsheet I made of the seeds we have. I started a new tab “Garden” if you are curious what is going on in the garden! We added a few more berries this week which I am excited...


Grow and Resist Gardening
A list of blogs, sites, etc that I enjoy! When you are done here, pop on over and check out some of these lovely people! Amazon - Shop With Grow and Resist! FOOD STUFF 101 Cookbooks Healthy Recipe Journal Chef Reinvented Cooking words. Writing food. Drinking tequila. Chow recipes, cooking tips, resources and stories for people who love food Ezra Pound...

Bird Visitors

grow and resist october 2012 mid month meanderings vine maple
Birds in Our Garden Crow Starling Black-capped Chickadee Townsend’s Warbler Robin Anna’s Hummingbird Rufous Hummingbird Bushtit White-crowned Sparrow House Sparrow Chipping Sparrow Stellar Jay Northern Flicker Dark-eyed Junco Hutton’s Vireo Cedar Waxwing Red-winged Blackbird Chestnut-backed Chickadee Red-breasted Nuthatch American Goldfinch House Finch

What’s In The Garden

Grow and Resist Food Cooking
Garden 2011 Herbs: Sorrel– True French (or Bucklers). Starting to re-emerge 2/2011 Rosemary– variety unknown Chives– variety unknown. Starting to re-emerge 2/2011 Many other perennial herbs that haven’t started popping up as of 3/1/2011 (see “Garden 2010” to see what is likely still out there!) Annual Vegetables: Outdoor Direct Sow: Lettuce– Speckles, Merlot,Valmaine, 3 blends (Amish Deer Tongue, Australian Yellowleaf, Bronze Arrowhead, Lollo Rossa, Pablo, Red Velvet,...

Cook the Books! More Upcoming Books

Jerusalem Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi
I know, I know we promised you the next 4 installments of Cook the Books. Instead, we’ll give you 2. Briggs will be introducing this month’s choice any day now… but to remind you we will be using Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones full of ice cream and frozen treats from the Bi-Rite Creamery. Then, next up: September Jerusalem Yotam Ottolenghi...

Stress and Health: How I Became A Sleep-Evangelist

dogs grow and resist
Hi. I’ve missed this space. Missed writing. I’ve missed you. It has been a really rough 2 years. 2011? 2012? Kind of a blur. Things have just not been going well. Continue to not go well. Really, we are barely hanging on. For the last part of 2012, I clung to the belief that 2013 was going to be the...

Cook the Books! Fancy French Burger, Potatoes, and Green Beans

grow and resist cook the books around my french table cafe salle pleyel hamburger
Just as a reminder, Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan is our pick for January Cook the Books! We’ll be cooking from it all month, blogging about some of our experiences! I can’t even tell you how excited I’ve been to start Cook the Books! I really love to cook, but it has felt too hard. I’ve been too preoccupied, exhausted, and...

Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking: Review and Book Giveaway!

hip girls guide to homemaking + kate payne + book review + grow and resist
On Friday I gave you a promise. It looked like this: Hipness! The blogger? Kate Payne. The blog and book: Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking. I met Kate via her blog last year participating in the Can Jam. Right away her blog intrigued me. Bastion of canning, homemaking, cooking gluten-free and living sustainably and beautifully while on a budget. And she keeps...

A Chicken, Rehomed. In which Thirsty Boots is Kicked to the Figurative Curb

easter egger chicken grow and resist 'thirsty boots'
“You’ve long been on the open road, you’ve been sleepin’ in the rain. From dirty words, and muddy cells your clothes are soiled and stained. But the dirty words, and the mud of cells, will soon be judged insane, So only stop and rest yourself, and you’ll be off again.” (Thirsty Boots lyrics) If you have been following on Facebook you’ll know our chicken...

Vacation? Yes please

grow and resist. cookie and grover beach
Oh wowsa do I need a vacation. There is just too much going happening. And I’m feeling as fragile as a day old chicken. Alas, I’m not going anywhere. But here are a few things cookie & grover have done the past few years. I’m going there in my mind. Wanna join?I need a vacation. I'm thinking a little something like...

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