2011 is Not Starting Out So Great


Do you make resolutions? Goals? Lists of dreams? I sort of do. Not really resolutions per se, but more like a greater consciousness of things I’d like to focus on.

On my list:

  1. Get my father’s health sorted out. Ok, I realize I don’t have any real control over his health. But it is something I’m going to do whatever I need to do to get managed. My dad is an awesome guy and he is having some bizarre health concerns that are really puzzling the doctors. He is getting great medical care but still no answers and it is a total pisser. His GI bleed was a surprise to everyone (and, in my opinion, shouldn’t have been, so I’m pretty peeved.) I probably won’t blog about it but it is at the top of my list of things I’m doing.Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie grow and resist

    I’m planning on being a bit like Nurse Jackie when she is giving the doctors a dose of confident power. Minus the drug problems and awful marriage. I’m going to kick some nursing ass like her.

  2. Heal my back. I have a herniated disc. It is mild in the sense that I don’t have any nerve/leg symptoms, but it is incredibly limiting. As in I can’t bend over. Hence, I can’t do my job. I also can’t bike, can’t garden, can’t tie my shoes, do yoga or help the Babylady get dressed or pick her up. It seriously, seriously sucks. I’ve had back pain off/on in severity over the past 5 years or so, but dramatically worse this year and since September. I’ve tend to be stoic about it and have a high pain tolerance, but I am over it. Done. I need it better. And when it is better I need to compete again. I need a half or full marathon. I need to long distance cycle. I need a triathlon. This is seriously driving me mad.low_back_pain_3 grow and resist


  3. Charcutepalooza! Read about it at Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen and Yummy Mummy.   I’ve been intrigued with curing meat. Mostly to learn something new that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do otherwise. Smoking, curing and/or salting meat in a new way monthly.Pig_Cuts grow and resist

    i like this picture of the pig from ifood.tv! First month is actually duck prosciutto!

  4. Can Jam II. Woot, the tigress is doing it again. Not sure when it will start but I am very excited! This year I will make a jelly! Julia sent me the most amazing jar of Apple Apricot Almond Jelly and the set on it thrills me. It is perfect!carrot relish grow and resist

    Carrot Relish was my favorite thing canned last year!

  5. Write more.Blog notes on Laptop

    I’ll do more writing, including more blogging

  6. Garden: Continue to increase year round productivity. Acquire more chickens for eggs. Plant parking strip with native plants and pollinator/habitat plants. Continue planting hillside for erosion protection and wildlife habitat. Put in a swing for the Babylady. Commit to seed saving, something I have been lazy about in past.grow and resist

    sunflowers. more sunflowers.

  7. Cooking: Continue making our food. Currently we make nearly all food from scratch except crackers and pasta. I got a new pasta maker for christmas so I plan on doing that. So easy and so tasty! Kaela at Local Kitchen just did a great round-up that included a whole wheat pasta recipe. I also might take on some old relics from my grandma’s cookbook. Isn’t it awesome?grandma's cookbook grow and resist

    Grandma’s cookbook

So, stay tuned in 2011. More canning, food preservation, social justice, parenting, gardening, chickens, cooking, cocktails and fun coming your way!

Also, I have some great book giveaways coming up soon!


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